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Best Pokemon that starts with the letter... - Day 10

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User Info: ballermat982

3 years ago#11
Voted Jolteon. Looks like it's over already.

User Info: fox444f

3 years ago#12
Lol I knew what the result of this poll would be before I voted. Go Jolty
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User Info: J-Don-Bonne

3 years ago#13
Jumpluff because it's so dandy.
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User Info: MegaCuban

3 years ago#14
fox444f posted...
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User Info: SMASHKING84

3 years ago#15
Jirachi is the best pokemon thanks supershadow for this

User Info: iKhanic

3 years ago#16
I very irrationally like Jumpluff a lot. It just looks so cool
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User Info: FierceDeity1026

3 years ago#17
I like Jolteon, Joltik, and Jumpluff, but I voted for Jolteon.

User Info: Big_Pecks

3 years ago#18

User Info: Alt_Axis_Z

3 years ago#19

User Info: CakeOfLies

3 years ago#20
Am I the only one who doesn't like Jolteon?
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