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Scenario: There is a Grass type Stealth Rock

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3 years ago#11
Grass types need a buff, but this would actually destroy a lot of things.
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3 years ago#12
Swampert should get sap sipper
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3 years ago#13
Pictocheat posted...
wahaha911 posted...
It should be like a leaving hazard called something like snare and work like spikes damage wise

I like the idea of it hurting the Pokemon that's returning rather than the one that's coming out; differentiate it from Spikes and Stealth Rock.

hmm I kinda like that.

thorn snare, cause a Pokemon to receive damage when leaving the battle. Stacking it with dragon tail make things interesting.

plus makes sense as someone who grew up around blackberry bushes that have thorns sometimes its not getting caught that hurts but the trying to get out that hurts more.

maybe then they could even give it like a 10% chance to keep the apposing Pokemon from switching out. Like the thorns hurt it just right and stall its escape.
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