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Anyone else accidently miss the Meloetta event (in NA)?

#1J-Don-BonnePosted 4/12/2013 6:58:00 AM
I thought I had at least until mid-April but... I guess not. There goes 3 potential Meloetta...
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#2CakeOfLiesPosted 4/12/2013 7:16:00 AM
I missed it too.
I never get any chances to go to Gamestop.
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#3Darkwolf BloodsbanePosted 4/12/2013 8:55:42 AM
It was clearly stated on Serebii to only go through mid-late Mar.

So no, I have both of mine.
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#4GiftedACIIIPosted 4/12/2013 8:56:16 AM
I have 7 meloettas.
#5Great_ReapettePosted 4/12/2013 8:57:35 AM
There was a Meloetta event in NA?

...Yes. Yes I did.
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#6Gray_AreasPosted 4/12/2013 9:02:37 AM
No. I have 4. I made sure to get at least two with nice stats to use as leverage in trades if I need to next gen.
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#7LexifoxPosted 4/12/2013 9:03:14 AM
I did not because I got it on the first day.
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#8SilverSaint7Posted 4/12/2013 9:04:20 AM
I didn't care enough to get it.
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#9SirPiercePosted 4/12/2013 9:05:48 AM
I am in GS all the time (it is in the mall where I work)...but I kept forgetting my DS, so yeah I missed it.
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#10MephilasPosted 4/12/2013 9:07:13 AM
I'm not bringing my DS to gamestop. (though, admittedly, I did bring it to Staples twice by accident).
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