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The Great Ghastly

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2 years ago#171
Gray_Areas posted...
Walrein (Watchmen)
Axew's Adventures in Wonderland
Through the Reveal Glass
The Wonderful Whismur of Oz
The Magikarp Land of Oz
Onix of Oz

I'm starting to think that many of these COULD be made into full stories.

Now for the rest of the Oz book!

Dodrio and the Whismur of Oz
The Roserade to Oz
The Emboar City of Oz
Pachirisu Girl of Oz
Tepig of Oz
The Scrafty of Oz
Raticate of Oz
The Lost Prinplup of Oz
The Tin Wooper of Oz
The Magby of Oz
Glalie of Oz

EDIT: Also,

Dwebble in the Sky
The Starly, Like Duskull
The Cleffa of Space
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2 years ago#172
CakeOfLies posted...
faruway posted...
The Adventures of Baron Munchlaxen
Staryu Wars
Starmie Trek
Eviolite Dead
Aron Man
The Luxray King
Misdreavusery (Misery)
The Kingdra and I
Mawile Play
Mawile Play 2
Mawile Play 3
Bride of Chuck
Seedot of Chuck
E.V (E.T)
War of the Roserade (War of the Roses movie)
Scary Face Movie
3 Ninjasks
3 Ninjasks Kick Back
3 Ninjasks Knuckle Up
3 Ninjasks: High Linoone at Meganium Mountain
Radiolandorus Murders
The Lilligant Universe
Geodude, Where's my Carracosta?
The Neverentei Story
Staravia Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Archen
Staravia Jones and the Temple of Houndoom
Staravia Jones and the Last Crustles
Staravia Jones and the Kinglerdom of the Cryogonal Skull
From Dusknoir till Dawn
Gallade (Blade)
Sawk of the Dead (Shawn of the Dead)
Hot Feebas (Hot Fuzz)
Pupitar Fiction
Ekans on the Plane
The Chingling (The Ring)
Zweilous Night Deadly Night
Zweilous Night Deadly Night 2
The Shuppetmaster
Darkraiman (Darkman)
Darkraiman 2: The Return of Durant
Darkraiman 3: Die Darkraiman Die

Thank you, thank you! *bow*
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