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You accidentally this whole pokemon

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3 years ago#41
I accidentally a whole Zoroark.
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3 years ago#42
After accidentallying a Throh, I accidentallyed a Genesect.
I'm not easily impressed; I'm usually oblivious to whatever's in front of me.
Stunfisk is the epitome of monstrous majestic legendary creatures that spew fire.
3 years ago#43
I accidentally a whole Meloetta.
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3 years ago#44
I accidentally the whole Makuhita... Someone help me.
3 years ago#45
Survived the rayquaza.
After that, I accidentally a gliscor.
garunteed death, here we come!
The Shiny zangoose of the X/y Board! (what? everyone's doing this!)
3 years ago#46

Wow, that just happened o_O. I seriously gotten this :P.
3 years ago#47
I just accidentally a Gigalith. Is that bad?
3 years ago#48
MeatwadMontana posted...
I just accidentally a Gigalith. Is that bad?

Someone's going to be pooping out Roggenrollas by the dozens later today.
From when I land to when I leave there is enough time to sleep and sing.
I keep running around, when all I want is to lay motionless.
3 years ago#49
I accidentally a whole Lilligant. Now if you would excuse me, I have to purposefully whole bathroom.
If you fail to get krump....nothing you do in life will succeed.- Krump King ASB
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3 years ago#50
Me accidentally a whole Meloetta as well
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