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The best official name 63: Blastoise

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3 years ago#1
Vote which nation gave this Pokemon the best name - Results (116 votes)
America- Blastoise
30.17% (35 votes)
Japan- Kamex
12.07% (14 votes)
France- Tortank
51.72% (60 votes)
Germany- Turtok
6.03% (7 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Sorry about the delay on this one, I had a very busy week!

America- 27
Japan- 7
France- 11
Germany- 17

Previous winners:

Krookodile (Krookodile)
Haxorus (Haxorus)
Salamence (Salamence)
Tyranitar (Tyranitar)
Exploud (Exploud)
Flareon (Flareon)
Houndoom (Houndoom)
Venusaur (Venusaur)
Froslass (Froslass)
Blaziken (Blaziken)
Dragonite (Dragonite)
Garchomp (Garchomp)
Sceptile (Sceptile)
Hydreigon (Hydreigon)
Marowak (Marowak)
Articuno (Articuno)
Flygon (Flygon)
Wobbuffet (Wobbuffet)
Serperior (Serperior)
Gallade (Gallade)
Delibird (Delibird)
Espeon (Espeon)
Vaporeon (Vaporeon)
Glaceon (Glaceon)
Jolteon (Jolteon)
Sylveon (Sylveon)
Charizard (Charizard)

Eteboss (Ambipom)
Goukuzaru (Infernape)
Raibolt (Manectric)
Datengu (Shiftry)
Bossgodora (Aggron)
Blacky (Umbreon)
Spear (Beedrill)

Ohmassacre (Eelektross)
Roucarnage (Pidgeot)
Darumacho (Darmanitan)
Brutapode (Scolipede)
Hippopodocus (Hippowdon)
Papilusion (Butterfree)
Corboss (Honchkrow)
Noarfang (Noctowl)
Drascore (Drapion)
Tartard (Poliwrath)
Smogogo (Weezing)

Rihornior (Rhyperior)
Megalon (Beheeyem)
Morlord (Quagsire)
Quaxo (Politoed)
Schwalboss (Swellow)
Relaxo (Snorlax)
Icognito (Unown)
Farbeagle (Smeargle)
Skaraborn (Heracross)
Impergator (Feraligatr)
Meditalis (Medicham)
Lavados (Moltres)
Ninjatom (Shedinja)
Brockoloss (Gigalith)
Vegichita (Simisage)
Fynx (Fennekin)
Bissbark (Stoutland)
3 years ago#2
I'm not easily impressed; I'm usually oblivious to whatever's in front of me.
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3 years ago#3
Turtok, because it's only one letter away from Turok.
Roughly the size of a barge! -Gaston
3 years ago#4
I do like Blastoise, but it should really be pronounced Blastiss. Same goes for Adamantoise and Adamantis.
Tie it on, in your mind. It's your Noctourniquet.
3 years ago#5
Tortank is amazing
Turtle tank
Asianwide is on yo side!!!
Happyface On!!! :) and then the world stops.
3 years ago#6
Turtank is good. But Blast-adamantoise is still better. We are just so used to it I think some people are taking its awesomeness for granted
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3 years ago#7
3 years ago#8
Kamex any day!
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3 years ago#9
This is the first time where I've felt that all four names are awesome, but I have to go with Kamex for this one.
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3 years ago#10
Tortank sounds boss.
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