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This pokemon is given the death penalty

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3 years ago#31

Well, going by some posts that I've read recently, giving him a new forme would work...
3 years ago#32
Sandshrew. I would water board it.
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3 years ago#33

Electric chair.
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3 years ago#34
Pichu. Um yeah no.
3 years ago#35

Capture it and hold it in a tiny cell for weeks. Allow it to escape so that it escapes so that it runs. Shape the terrain so that it will have to jump over a chasm to escape, but not realize that what appears to be the other side of a chasm is in fact a mural. When it jumps, it hits the mural and falls to its death.

Elaborate, but should make good entertainment.
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3 years ago#36
Electrivire is buried alive
I don't like the new pokemon from Gen V and VI
"New is not a synonym of better" -wonder if it's been said before
3 years ago#37
Throw a toaster into the water.
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3 years ago#38

send him to area 51 to be dissected. while hes in the pitch black truck being transported, a bug flies into the window and gets smushed.
3 years ago#39
@Tatakai - nice Desert Bus reference there!

Anyway, I got Drowzee. No idea how I'd kill it, but I know why it would get the death penalty - CHILD PR0N.
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3 years ago#40

I guess burning at the stake?
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