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What Pokemon did you at one point not care for but eventually warmed up to/loved

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3 years ago#11

That's right not Newtwo, Mewtwo. The original. Thought it was overrated as a kid (which is ironic since Charizard's always been my favorite).
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3 years ago#12
3 years ago#13
PK_Ness posted...

You Smogwunner.
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3 years ago#14
I used Gardevoir in Sapphire because I didn't have anyone to trade with for an Alazakam or Gengar.

Gardevoir is now my favorite Pokemon.
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3 years ago#15
All of them.

When I started playing Red, I was playing an RPG with a customizable team, that's it. Favorites were those that were useful and powerful, or rather, the ones Nintendo Power suggested to me. I never actually cared for the Pokemon themselves, I just wanted the best team possible. Some fan I turned out to be.

Now, with IVs, contests, OU, etc., I stopped worrying about achieving perfection and decided to like the Pokemon and games as they are. Haven't tried Emerald, D/P/Pt, or Gen 5, but I'm looking forward to Gen 6 and training a Froakie, and maybe a Sylveon too.
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3 years ago#16
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3 years ago#17
@FatReuniclus I don't even know you to begin with. I don't care for your 'respect' because it means nothing to me.
3 years ago#18
I was discriminating at first as I always do with Pokemon with no evolutions but I started to warm up to it when I was watching the anime and then I actually used in playthrough and love <3
3 years ago#19
Azumarill is the best example.
Never cared for her, but after using HUGE! POWER! Azumarill!! in W2, well, those caps and !'s speak for itself. XD
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3 years ago#20
Shamefully... Vanilluxe I like ice cream what can I say but also feebas. Caught one right away thinking magikarp and was going to release it but a friend told me to level it's beauty up. I thought he was trolling me but I did and boy was I happy. I bred it then and gave him the offspring which saved him a lot of agony.
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