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Favorite Starters- Unova

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User Info: Gray_Areas

3 years ago#21
Serperior all the way. That elegant style is just too cool to pass up. But that being said, they all kind of suck...
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User Info: SOLDIER_Bankai

3 years ago#22
Ya start with Oshawott, a funny-looking otter, then you get Dewott, a bigger Oshawott that's more blue, then you get Samurott, a big ol' samurai otter. Easily my favorite starter after Charizard.

User Info: Zerobahn

3 years ago#23
Snivy line was my favourite (in a gen with the weakest starters -_-).
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User Info: CakeOfLies

3 years ago#24
Why did all the Unova starters have to suck?

I voted for Oshawott BTW. I really don't like the other two.
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User Info: FatReuniclus

3 years ago#25
GnarKills posted...
Honestly this is the first generation where I don't feel the "loyalty" to my starter. All other gens I would refuse to put them in the PC cause I actually liked them. This gen, I just don't care lol

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User Info: FatReuniclus

3 years ago#26
It's sad...
Snivy line= +Looks-Stats

Tepig line= -Looks-Stats

Oshawott= Looks Stats

Winner: Oshawott... Though I chose Snivy in the game because he looked cool...

None of these are a big win though...
I wish Reuniclus was my dad...
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