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Do you remember which starter you picked the first time you played each game?

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3 years ago#11
Red: Charmander
Gold: Chikorita

And haven't played one since. Can't wait for October. :)
3 years ago#12
soon to be:Chespin

looks like i'll finally get back to playing a grass starter
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3 years ago#13
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3 years ago#14
1: Squirtle
2: Totodile
3: Treeko
4: Piplup
5: Tepig

for Gen 6, so far I'm leaning towards Chespin.
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3 years ago#15
Gen 1: Squirtle I think, although it was a long time ago, and because I restarted that game probably 20 times, it's hard to pin down my first run.

Gen 2: Chikorita, because my sister chose Totodile.

Gen 3: Torchic, because I liked the idea of a Fire/Fighting Pokemon.

Gen 4: Piplup, because I like penguins, and didn't like the idea of another Fire/Fighting Pokemon.

Gen 5: Oshawatt, because even though I didn't really like it's 3rd stage, I didn't like tepig or snivy at all.

Except for Gen 1, those are also my favourite starters. In gen 1 I liked Charizard best.(yeah yeah, shut up, I don't battle competitively so I don't care how much it sucks.)

As for Gen 6, I'm not sure yet. I was leaning towards Fennekin, but I rarely ever use Grass starters, so I thought I might go with Chespin. May come down to which 3rd stage I like best.
3 years ago#16
Yellow-Pikachu (obviously)
Silver-Cyndaquil again
Fire Red-Charmander
Leaf Green-Bulbasaur
Heart Gold-Totodile
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3 years ago#17
Gen 1: Squirtle
Gen 2: Chikorita
Gen 3: Mudkip
Gen 4: Turtwig
Gen 5: Oshawott

I guess with this pattern, I'm picking Chespin next game. But, I like Froakie and water the best
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3 years ago#18
yellow: All of them!

Gold: Cyndaquil

Ruby: Torchic

Platinum: Piplup

White: Tepig

Hmm, i guess the first time I run through a generation, I usually pick fire. Empoleon is just too awesome though, so I made an exception
3 years ago#19
Yellow-Pikachu (obviously)
Fire Red-Charmander
Leaf Green-Bulbasaur
Soul Silver Chikorita
Black- Oshawott
Black version 2 Tepig

if i do play the new generation i will more then likely go with Fennekin
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3 years ago#20
Blue- Charmander... obviously wanted the Charizard like every other 4 year old.
Gold- Typhlosion, If 1 fire was good, that means the other must be good, right?
Crystal- Feraligatr because I already picked Typhlosion and even as a kid, I knew meganium sucks
Ruby- Skeptile... he sucked, ended up making a new data with Swampert.
Platinum- Torterra, thought fire monkey was overrated and my brother picked empoleon
White- Samurott, he looked better than Emboar and my brother already got first pick on Serperior
White 2- Emboar... because I already picked Samurott and found out Serperior sucks
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