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Cinccino is the most badass gen V pokemon.

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3 years ago#11
hahahaha yes
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3 years ago#12
Mugiloko posted...
hahahaha yes

"Zoroark fainted!"
Now, let's talk about how serperior is cooler than cinccino.
The Shiny zangoose of the X/y Board! (what? everyone's doing this!)
3 years ago#13
This topic is about Cinccino again since Serperior killed it.
Palom the Black Mage
3 years ago#14
Zoroark? Samurott? Victini? Heatmor?

TC you couldn't be more wrong.
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3 years ago#15
Well, Cinccino is certainly the most badass if you're talking about the first B/'W set of cards, and is being played by somebody who gets REALLY lucky with coin flips.

Gosh I hated the pre-release event. >_>
<3 and (/|\) !
3 years ago#16
bretonftw posted...
Maybe even the most badass of all. Such power, and so chilled out...

Official Bulbasaur of the Pokemon X boards.
3 years ago#17
Thepenguinking2 posted...
Mugiloko posted...

I love that image. And on top of that, you put that guy in his place.
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3 years ago#18
3 years ago#19
You don't know what badass means.
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3 years ago#20
Cincinno is extremely threatening; it's a shame the others don't understand.
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