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Do you escape?

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(message deleted)
3 years ago#42
Heatmor, nope
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3 years ago#43

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3 years ago#44
TheEvilOmega posted...

He can grant wishes n' stuff, right? Pretty sure I'm good.

Nope. The Unown can, but not really, they can only make illusions. Entei was actually an illusion, he never had his own movie.

Miltank. I'll run.
It's different again.
3 years ago#45
Great...a Cacturne. It is weak to the tornado and lava and I doubt it can survive the tsunami no matter how much he stands there and gets half damage. I'll just ingest the Fly HM and see what happens to me.
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3 years ago#46
Not sure.
3 years ago#47
dig, man, diiiiig!!
3 years ago#48
Kabutops. That thing can surf, right?
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3 years ago#49

Could he pick me up and float away?
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3 years ago#50
Tried again and actually got Gardevoir...

I can hug her until the destruction hits...
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