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Pokemons you always take.

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3 years ago#11
Gen 4: Bibarel (BEST. HM. SLAVE. EVER.)

Every Gen except 3: Eeveelutions
....because shutup.
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3 years ago#12
Gen 1

Gen 2

Gen 3

Gen 4

Gen 5
Oshawatt....but, then I trade over a Speed Boost Torchic cuz Tepig sucks.
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3 years ago#13
Gen I:

Gen II:
Totodile (Broke in SS)

Gen III:
Marrill (HM Slave)
Swellow (Flyer)

Gen IV:
Staraptor (Flyer)
Pelliper (Postgame Flyer)

Gen V:
Pelliper (Postgame Flyer)
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3 years ago#14
None. I try to change it up every single time.
I like Monster Rancher.
3 years ago#15
Gen I


Gen II




Gen IV


Haven't played Gen V yet.
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3 years ago#16
Gen 1:
Nothing really. Haven't played a Kanto game since FRLG came out, and I don't remember what I used

Gen 2:

Gen 3:

Gen 4:

Gen 5:
none again, as there are several i like and have used
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3 years ago#17
I try really hard to use everyone but.

Gen 1&2

Gen 3


Only played through gen 4 and 5 once. I never realized my love for Rapidash until lately so I may use one again in 6.
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3 years ago#18
Gen 1:

Venomoth, I really like the samurai helmet design on a huge moth. It also has access to a lot of awesome moves spread over bug, poison, psychic, flying and grass types.

Gen 2:

Lanturn, the king of the sea to me. One of the coolest type combinations and it always comes with an added immunity/absorb to one of its types.

Houndoom, I can't resist the hellhound. My first dog looked a lot like the breed Houndoom is based on. Plus fire/dark is a great combo.

Tyranitar, come on it is the Godzilla of pokemon. You can hear your opponents ****ting their pants when it crashed down out of its pokeball.

Gen 3:

Aggron, steel plated dinosaur? Yes please. 794 pounds of brick****ting amazement and all that.

Gardevoir, finally an Alakazam that is accessible without the trade BS. She has a better movepool too. My first one was modest, so you can understand that it nuked the everloving bajeezus out of 90% of my opponents.

Breloom, A raptor shroom that uppercuts all nearby wildlife? God I love Gen 3. You cannot go wrong with this awesome unique type badass.

Blaziken, still the king of Fire/Fighting to me, the fact that he exists makes Infernape and Emboar obsolete in existence.

I just want to add that Masquerain was the biggest disappointment in pokemon history. All that unique potential was brutally ruined. Surskrit needs a branching evolution that stays bug/water.

Gen 4:

Empoleon, Steel/Water is a great combo and it has access to sweet moves. It also looks very regal and menacing.

Lucario, damn this one is amazing. It can use all the best moves, attack, sp attack, he can do it. I also like the Egyptian deity look.

Togekiss, the B2 Bomber of pokemon, equipped with flame throwers, aura spheres and all other kinds of great moves. The only normal/flying I actually like.

Gen 5:

Serperior, the other starters are horrible this gen. Serperior brings back some class and even has access to Dragon Pulse. It could have been the first Grass/Dragon.

Jellicent, King Jelly is hard to pass up. With that pringles mustache, creepy pokedex entry and Energy Ball to free Somalia.

Chandelure, cool design, great typing, killer movepool. I even like its cry. It kinda reminds me of a Heartless boss in KH2.
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3 years ago#19
Gen 1: Charizard

Gen 2: Espeon

Gen 3: Flygon, Blaziken

Gen 4: None? Always changed.

Gen 5: None more than others
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3 years ago#20
The only game that my team didn't completely vary between playthroughs was SoulSilver.
Both times I went through I used Typhlosion, Machamp, and Gyarados.
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