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Pokemon Fusion: Part 10!

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3 years ago#331
"I AM A DWARF DIGGING A HOLE. DIGGY DIGGY HOLE, DIGGY DIGGY HOLE." -"Meloetta," digging a diggy diggy hole.

"That's right, dear! Keep up the free labor!" -Martini, lounging in a tree.

A few minutes later, a fabulous castle stands in Fullmoon Island.

"Marvelous. Here, have a stick of gum." -Martini, petting "Meloetta."

"Meloetta" eagerly takes the gum and tries to eat it as if it were normal food and chokes when the gum sticks in its throat.

"Adorable." -Martini, watching "Meloetta" gag and choke on the ground.

Martini enters the castle. It ascends several flights of stairs into a tower with a magnificent bedroom with two wooden chests, a large drawer, a bed with velvet sheets, and a window with lime green curtains.

"Yup. I'm staying here. Absolutely no~o~othing can go wrong." -Martini, hopping into bed.


"What was that?" -Martini, annoyed.

"NOTHING." -A voice.

"Yeah. That's what I thought." -Martini.

It closes its eyes and drifts to sleep.
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3 years ago#332
Pudding: Hmmm? might as well have SOME fun today... And this'll probably be the only point I ever interact with them ever.....

He then gets up and begins to concentrate, until a small sweat breaks on his brow.....

and finally a little pop sounds out.

Pudding: Good... this'll be fun.

He sits back and watches as a storm begins to rage across the area where the two groups (TVirus' and Tableflip's) were. When suddenly, he slasps his face!

Pudding: Oh! I can't believe I forgot! Bring forth my ceremonial troll-face!

a few grunts then come rushing forth with it.

Pudding: Ahhhhhh... perfect. I love being a troll! I just hope it doesn't get ruined or something prematurely.
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3 years ago#333
Less than 30 posts all day? -.-
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3 years ago#334
-Poli Draxis & Kyurem-

Kyurem glanced at the purple veil surrounding it.

Kyurem ----- We'll escape for now. Poli.
Draxis ----- Yes...
Kyurem ------ There's someone who can help us escape, but that means Gaul will have to wait.
Draxis ----- ...'Tis alright....

Ho-oh ------- Farewell, Poli.

The BoP faded into view, its crystal heart spinning rapidly. The red, green, and orange specks exited the misty being, and formed into the ghost of Ho-oh. The crowd focused on the ongoing events.

Kyurem raised its head, and let out a shattering roar, the ice on its wings breaking apart.

Kyurem ---- "I understand now. What it FIGHT for those less fortunate!"

Kyurem began absorbing the BoP, and a purple light radiated from the three pronged tail. The crystal heart fell, and sank within Kyurem.

An icy chill, and a blinding light, and Kyurem became shapeless light. The light took on a humanoid form, and as it faded, the form was revealed to be none other than Poli Draxis. His skin was scaley yet again, his wings now draconic, as the angel demon hybrid became part Kyurem once more.

Draxis/Kyurem ---- We...Are One. And. The Same.

Poli looked at himself. That which was frozen before was frozen again. Poli's jaw was sealed shut by ice. He looked at the crowd as ghost Ho-oh vanished, waiting to be reborn again. Gaul could wait. They needed to leave.

Draxis ------ Missed you pal.
Kyurem ------ Feels good not being anyone's puppet anymore. Stram, it's time for that cover.
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3 years ago#335
OcarinaofToast posted...
Less than 30 posts all day? -.-

I actually did have an idea for what to do next in the story all day, I've just been gone all day.

First it was a long road trip to a social group, then it was pizza with my family while watching Big Bang Theory. Not to mention, seven out of eight slices of DiGiorno has made me quite sluggish. >_<
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3 years ago#336
Stram quickly transformed into a Weezing, and filled the crowd with gas. Guards quickly brought out flying pokemon to blow it away, but Stram had already began the next part of the plan. He had transformed into Kyurem and used Double Team. Almost 100 Kyurems flew through the sky in all directions.

Quick, Kyurem! Get out of here!
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3 years ago#337
Kyurem ------ My appreciations. Poli, where to?
Draxis ----- NewMoon.

Poli flexed his wings, then took flight, speeding away.

Draxis ----- Can't but think they're really be after my head this time.
Kyurem ----- Better dead than an open head.

As they left, Poli passed overhead Route 4.A.2., oblivious to the Feraligatr Hybrid below...
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3 years ago#338
TVirusPredator posted...

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3 years ago#339
I'm going to bed.Sorry I only made 1 part today.Also,will Ho-oh literally be reborn,or just find a vessel to be a spirit fuser?
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3 years ago#340
TableFlip posted...
I'm going to bed.Sorry I only made 1 part today.Also,will Ho-oh literally be reborn,or just find a vessel to be a spirit fuser?

I'll be waiting on you to make a part tomorrow. I stopped where I did in case you were worried about joining any main group.
"When freaky aliens give you lemons, make freaky alien lemonade." - Hades
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