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Pokemon Fusion: Part 10!

#71Gubbey(Topic Creator)Posted 4/21/2013 2:18:00 AM
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#72ChangliniPosted 4/21/2013 4:07:25 AM
(A clue of many.)

The interrogation was going horribly.

Furez------''Who exactly are you!?''

Furez-------''Don't make me call in the doctors!''

Furez readied a large MD Case on the table..

Furez-------''Alright, that Spacial Rend thing..
Furez-------''Oh shut it, not like I'm going to tell you about it..''

As she finishes filling up the syringe, the female guard member from before opened the door.

GM 2-----''Furez''
GM 2-----''Just wanted to tell you that Forever and After is actually possible!''

Furez looks at Natalia for a moment.

Furez----''I will find out about you.''

She exits the room with the female GM. And after closing the door, they begin a conversation.

Furez-----''You're telling me that the charges are set?''
GM 2-----''Yes, and the records are recorded.''
Furez-----''In all of those places?''

The male Guard Member from before comes in with his armored laptop.

GM 1------''In two to five days, we'll have place the charges in all those places.''
Furez------''Good.. but, what about the possibility of Hell, or heaven having those points of interest out of our reach?''
GM 2------''Don't worry, we have our best minds in Magic, Science, and Philosophy on it.''
Furez------''Awesome. Now, if you can excuse me..''

She goes back into the room, to start round two of the interrogation.

(To vent some anger)

Within the area of the New Guard Institute, where the field was a charred black, that the only noticeable thing was a Sprouted Custap plant full of color within a small circle of lush green grass that still had a white chalk line that signified it was the side for a soccer field.

Kyurem was clear in his view, along with many of his team members.

Lugand-----''Alright, positions!''

They all readied their paint ball guns, almost looking like all the colors of the rainbows as they all lined up. And as Kyurem stood, ready for the first stage of the sentence, Lugand took a moment tell what not to do to his team.

Lugand-----''Don't shoot at the head, heart, or anything that is a weak point, is that clear!?''
Team-------''Yes, Mister!''
Lugand-----''Alright, aim!''

They aimed.



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#73Chandler014Posted 4/21/2013 5:47:46 AM
Ugh, No Polimario Still? I don't want to Split the groups up myself because i might mess up his plans.... But.....
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#74TableFlipPosted 4/21/2013 6:08:03 AM
As the next day arrived,Tableflip and Emile were wondering outside.They both heard an odd chanting somewhere.It sounded like it was coming from Mount Silver.They could hear footsteps.Thousands of footsteps.


The chant was heard over and over again.Tableflip and Emile scurried inside to wake everyone up.

Tableflip:Guys,wake up!

Cherry:Ugh...what the heck is going on this kind of day?

Emile:There's an army charging towards Starshine Villiage.They were shouting this chant saying that they wanted to kill us.

Cuna:How did they know about sign bearers?

Emile:Yorr's one,so he probably told them about the villiage and where it is.Come on,we have to go!

Cherry sighed,as everyone walked outside.Rose and Antonio were told to stay inside for safety,so they did.Rose had to keep an eye on Antonio.

The army was already in Starshine Villiage.They were preparing to attack.

Cherry:Oh great.Another army?
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#75ChangliniPosted 4/21/2013 6:15:54 AM
(Just so you know Tableflip, Mt.Silver is still a volcanic place filled with lava)
(Last time I checked, in PF)
#76TVirusPredatorPosted 4/21/2013 7:00:43 AM
"However we split up," Angelo said to his group. "One thing's for sure, I've gotta stick with my sister. The entire reason I'm here is--Ugh!" Suddenly, he clutched his head as it received a bombardment of telepathic messages.

Most of them were demonic in nature, repeating stuff like "you will fall before me like the rest", "I will stride across this planet, and wipe it clean of mortals", and "soon, this world will fear me once again". But among them all, he could make out something said by a familiar voice. Sadie's voice.

"Angelo! Help!"

"What's wrong?" Angelica said, making sure her brother was all right. "You all right?"

"Yeah, it's just..." Angelo started, before explaining what he heard in his mind. "I want to help her, so are you coming?"

"...I've... got a bigger stake in this, right here." Angelica replied, which made Angelo frustrated. "But you go ahead." Angelica said.

"Sis, the reason I'm here is--"

"Because I asked Arceus to do this."

Angelo then gave his sister an odd look. "He told me He sent you here without telling you your mission."

"Well, yeah, He did that to me. You, on the other hand..."

"Angelica, what is this?"

"We noticed how much you... admired Akuro's little rebel offspring, me and Arceus both. Before He sent me here, I went to Him, asking if you could have passage to PokéEarth, for the sake of meeting her."

"And He said yes?"

"He said 'I'll think on it.', but if He sent you here, He must have done it with the intention of setting you up with her."

"Then why tell me--"

"Angelo, I've been keeping close to Mephistopheles. One of his common companions is that mortal, Pryce Payne. This time, he was bringing his family. So if you stuck close to me..."

"I'd eventually meet her..."

"Exactly. And even if He does want you with me, what's He gonna do if you disobey? Not let you back in? Something tells me, you wanna stay with her anyway."


"If she needs help, go to her now. I've got plenty of company to keep my anger in check. And even if our kind and her kind are at war, that didn't stop Twila, and this way, no one has to go through the trouble of exiling you."

"Coming from you, that actually does sound comforting."

"What do you expect? I'm your sister."

Angelo then put a smile on his face. "Thanks, sis. See you later."

"No problem. Now go! She needs you, right?"

And with that, Angelo flashed one last smile for his sister, and flew off.
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#77Chandler014Posted 4/21/2013 7:47:17 AM
Okay, now there's...

Serah (Might leave. Depends on Willingness though)

16 Characters left. If Serah Left Alone, then that'd be 15. Not sure where Willingness (Character) is, and with needing the Lunar Pieces, Not sure if a group can find him in short time. And i'm doing this out of complete Boredom.
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#78TableFlipPosted 4/21/2013 7:50:17 AM
Everyone ran up to the army to stop it.The army was mostly composed of humans with pitchforks,swords,and some of them had guns.Their leader,in his hydreigon form,was there as well.

Yorr:I guess this is it.

Tableflip:The final battle?

Yorr:Yes.I will crush you,son.

Tableflip:Take care of the army.I'll take care of Yorr.

Emile:Got it!

Everyone then split up.Tableflip went after his father,and everyone else went after the army.Tableflip started the battle by shifting into his quicker,more agile Suicune form.He leapt up at Yorr and Ice Beamed one of his heads.The head was frozen,but Yorr thawed it by using flamethrower.

Yorr:I was like you once...

Tablecune:Until you went crazy,that is!

Yorr:Pfft...I like it how you people say,"Crazy"...

A long time ago.

Yorr:The sky is so beautiful today,don't you agree?'s just you and me here.

Yorr:Too bad you have to go to work...

Marriane:I'll just stay here longer. have to.One cannot survive without their food,you know.

Marriane took off.Yorr stayed home for the day and watched television.

Newsman:Breaking News.In Starshine City,there have been reports of a building being bombed.The suspect,Clayton Morris,has been captured.Most people have been injured,and some have died.

The television shown Marriane.She was in a full body cast.

Yorr:The world is a cruel place...I swear to Arceus,I WILL MAKE A NEW WORLD!

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#79TVirusPredatorPosted 4/21/2013 7:51:58 AM
Pryce had caught up with King Gallon Reborn, and threw his Keyblade into the beasts flesh, holding onto the chain so that he could get pulled up.

"I hate to think that I might be hurting Sadie," he said to himself. "But we have to stop Gallon."

As he swung around the beast, slicing at the flesh wherever he could, eventually, it's chest opened up, revealing a heart that was sucking in souls.

"No Hado Flare this time." Pryce continued with himself. "Might hurt Sadie. Let's try slashing, see how that works."

Pryce then started slashing at the beast's heart, not doing much damage. But as he slashed, he noticed a change. As Gallon's heart took damage, it's three heads each took on it's own distinct image. The head on the left side looked like Lugia. The head on the right looked like Longal's old face, back when he had a body.

And the head in the middle, bore the image of his daughter, Sadie.

Meanwhile, Katherine was at the hospital, resting after giving birth. Or so they told her to do. But despite fighting for justice alongside her husband, she wasn't one to play by the rules.

She donned cloaking powder, rendering her invisible, as a nurse opened the door, and entered the room. Immediately afterwards, she went to her superiors, to tell them that she had left her hospital bed.

Katherine was relieved that she left the door open. Now she wouldn't have to start any ghost stories.

She sneaked around the hospital, passing the newborn babies to make sure that the potion had no ill effect on the childbearing, and to see with her own eyes what she had been carrying. A quick look, but so as not to risk tears washing away the powder, she grabbed her clothes, and left the hospital to join her husband.

As soon as she was dressed, she teleported to where her husband was, pulled out her wind cape, and flew up to him.

"Any luck?" she asked.

"I did find something." Pryce replied. "The heart is still the target, but we can't end it with a Hado flare this time."


"But there is something. As I was slashing away at the heart, the heads started looking different. They don't know, because it's already healed, but one looked like Longal, one looked like Lugia, and one--"

"Looked like Sadie..."

"Exactly. Maybe, if we divide the heart..."

"We divide the being. But first, we'll need to get longer access to it's heart."

"You let me worry about that. But first, tell me. Is the baby..."

"Born healthy."

Pryce then had a look of relief on his face. "Good. Now, let's go."

Pryce then swung towards the chest of the beast, after having dealt considerable damage to the flesh. And as the beast opened his chest to absorb souls, Pryce looked at Katherine.

Trust me? he thought.

Always, detective. she thought.

Pryce then took her hand, threw his Keyblade into the monster's chest, and reeled them both in as it closed.

"All right." Pryce said. "Let's do this."

Pryce then wrapped the Keyblade chain around the beast's heart, and prepared to pull, rending it. Meanwhile, Katherine said "Spirit Shift!", and shifted into a Venusaur, landing on one of Gallon's rib bones.

"Well, that was lucky." Pryce said.

"Not really." Katherine replied as she wrapped her vine whip around Gallon's heart. "I just learned how to control my shrine ability. Ready?"

"Ready." Pryce replied.

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#80GarioshiPosted 4/21/2013 7:57:00 AM
Chandler014 posted...
Okay, now there's...

Serah (Might leave. Depends on Willingness though)

17 Characters left. If Serah Left Alone, then that'd be 16. Not sure where Willingness (Character) is, and with needing the Lunar Pieces, Not sure if a group can find him in short time. And i'm doing this out of complete Boredom.

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