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Worst gen 3 designs?

#11Thepenguinking2Posted 4/20/2013 6:18:33 PM
CakeOfLies posted...
Gen III had a lot of good Pokemon...
I never liked Zangoose though.

*looks at you while holding a crowbar*
anyway, Didn't like lombre (Though I like lotad and ludicolo), Spinda (Good idea on paper, but poorly executed), nosepass (A nose? really?), azurill (Why do we even have baby pokemon?) Slaking (I HATE TRUANT SO MUCH!!!!) Gorebyss (What the heck is this thing?) and ralts (TELEPORT!)
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#12Thepenguinking2Posted 4/20/2013 6:19:24 PM
MidniteZorua posted...
I'll be the one who says Luvdisc.
That, and Wurmple.

dang it, forgot luvdisc.
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#13KosacVPosted 4/20/2013 6:22:03 PM
Medicham and Regice/Rock.

I like the concept of the Regis, but those two look pretty stupid.
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#14themagicpainmanPosted 4/20/2013 6:28:35 PM

The whole "Really powerful Pokemon with crippling ability" is a terrible design.
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#15ExcaliburOwnerPosted 4/20/2013 6:44:23 PM
#16iKhanicPosted 4/21/2013 11:39:21 AM

I'll go with Combusken, Mawile, Spinda,and Huntail
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#17alpha-apePosted 4/21/2013 11:43:28 AM
The Meditite line and Illumise.
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#18dwdwdw6Posted 4/21/2013 11:46:15 AM
Swalot? The worst Pokemon of all time.
#19Chandler014Posted 4/21/2013 11:48:28 AM
I'll say Luvdisc and Swalot.
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#20SammySueRicePosted 4/21/2013 12:03:21 PM
Kirazykid posted...
For me its Glalie, Volbeat, Medicham, and the abomination that is Jirachi.
So hard to choose though, so many possible choices!

what's wrong with volbeat?