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How would I go about figuring out my soul Pokemon?

#1DaemonscharmPosted 4/21/2013 6:29:21 PM
Astral sign? Birthday? Personality?

I've been trying to figure out a good system
#2MetaFalconPunchPosted 4/21/2013 6:30:02 PM
Wyncorp :P
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#3thebrawler56Posted 4/21/2013 6:30:53 PM
Take an online quiz.
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#4ryudin89Posted 4/21/2013 6:31:23 PM
MetaFalconPunch posted...
Wyncorp :P

Pretty much.
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#5EpsteinBarrPosted 4/21/2013 6:32:19 PM
thebrawler56 posted...
Take an online quiz.

#6themagicpainmanPosted 4/21/2013 6:33:24 PM
Find a bee's nest, get naked, cover yourself in honey, and karate kick it.

You will experience a lot of pain, deliriousness, and a vision of your Pokemon.
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#7UmuruPosted 4/21/2013 6:33:36 PM
Get 1 card for every Pokemon. Shuffle the cards, spread them out and the first one that draws you to it is it. >_>