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Which pokemon are you most nostalgic for

#1iKhanicPosted 4/21/2013 10:39:48 PM
For me its probably Butterfree. It was one of my favorite pokemon of Ash's, I had an amazing experience training it in my first Pokemon game, and I will love it forever.

Charizard has a mix of nostalgia and still current awesomeness to him.
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#2FuneralCakePosted 4/21/2013 10:41:11 PM
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#3Hydra_Gundam_Posted 4/21/2013 10:41:12 PM
Gen 1.
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#4MM125Posted 4/21/2013 10:42:19 PM
In PokÚdex order, Charmander, Charizard, Pikachu, Mewtwo, Torchic, Blaziken.
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#5TIGERJACKS0N-Posted 4/21/2013 10:42:30 PM

I remember this girl i used to know in 3rd grade gave me this psyduck toy. How nice if her...i wonder whatever happened to her though
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#6TherianReturnsPosted 4/21/2013 10:42:44 PM
My Diamond team

I miss my Infernape, Luxray, Honchkrow, Gastrodon and Hippowdon, when I used them for the first time; felt so boss
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#7YamagishiDPosted 4/21/2013 10:45:04 PM
I would say Blaziken or Jirachi, but I've been importing them over from generation to generation, so my Blaziken is like a decade old. lol

I would say...Typhlosion since I never got into HGSS.
#8SuperRup91Posted 4/21/2013 11:37:45 PM
Probably a kid on the playground, you always hear everyone talking about getting mewtwo once they had beaten the game and how awesome it was. that built up the anticipation until you managed to get through the main game and explore cerulean cave and catch him for yourself.

The best part is...he is as badass as he was hyped up to be. I was not disappointed
#9MaveCrystPosted 4/21/2013 11:57:01 PM
Bulbasaur - being my very first starter, and my only plant starter throughout the generations. I really liked its design and still do, some of the current plant pokemon, while great to use, look kooky (like Breloom!)

Charmander - Loved this line and used it in every playthrough. Tried to get it on as many future generations as I could so I could use it as a replacement starter.

Gastly - Always preferred ghost to psychic pokemon. Used a Gengar in EVERY generation.

Articuno - Hard to find a decent ice type pokemon, which I like. Used a Dewgong to clear the E4 first time round :/ never let go of my Articuno after I got it, plus it had Fly as well which is used alot. One my favourite legendaries, so definitely nostalgic.
#10NessEggmanPosted 4/21/2013 11:58:26 PM
I guess Caterpie. I don't like it like I used to, but I still like my memories of loving Caterpie and hold a special attachment to Caterpie because of that. I loved Ash's Caterpie and I just love bug Pokemon in general. I always used to write original-trainer fanfics and I always wanted to insert a character based on me and they'd always have a pet Caterpie.
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