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Where is all this "Fairy Type" discussion/speculation coming from?

#21jayman7Posted 4/22/2013 11:48:50 AM(edited)
Tyranidomega posted...
Oh, and what's wottergate? Is that some sort of play on Oshowatt's fan name(wotter) and the watergate insident?

A bad pun that I'd actually never seen before this last week, but there was a leak of the evolutions of the fifth-gen starters several weeks before the game was released (but not six months as this alleged leak is) that got the leaker into some major legal trouble.

Hiro here, if I understand correctly, leaked the entire fifth-gen Pokedex... oh, a few days before the Japanese release of the game. And it's amazing he avoided any legal trouble - if indeed he did. As I said, his likelihood for getting in trouble over this - if it's true - is way higher than that; if he makes out better than the "Wottergate" (what a stupid name) guy, it's only because he's not Japanese (or the "leak" is false).
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