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Everyone has one.

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User Info: Master_Bass

3 years ago#131
Charmander. I love the whole evolution line really.

User Info: austingl

3 years ago#132

I still have my original one from 2003 or whenever ruby came out. His name is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA because i got so tired trying to catch him i fell asleep pushing the A button until he was caught. Im looking forward to trading him to X version.
He has five league ribbons.
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User Info: PickYourName

3 years ago#133
Charizard. It's not original, but he was my favorite when I was a kid, and Pokemon is so tied to nostalgia for me that I just can't change it.

Salamence is probably number two.
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User Info: Beatperson14

3 years ago#134
Oddish to Vileplume. She Struggled (the move) all the way through a gym boss. SHE was the boss

User Info: LaManoNeraII

3 years ago#135

Think it would be cool if it evolved into a cat made entirely of some kind of gem...and be useful in competition.
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User Info: livewyr90

3 years ago#136
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User Info: SideShowBatt

3 years ago#137
Gyarados. The reward for leveling up Magikarp is so worth.
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User Info: -JRo-

3 years ago#138
Most of the originals. no new ones...

Overall Gyarados

User Info: TwiliLord666

3 years ago#139
You Only Die Once

User Info: NoelXYeul

3 years ago#140
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