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Everyone has one.

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3 years ago#161
Maya: "SuPer-Admin Restricted Desktop Access password-protected!? What!? This is madness!"
Phoenix: "No, Maya, that is SPARDA."
3 years ago#162
Squirtle and his evolutions. They're my BFFs.
3 years ago#163
Wailord because whales.
3 years ago#164

it used to be Raichu, but he's a *****

I'm a Zoroark man now

Everything that bores me has gotta go!
3 years ago#165
I still have my very first Alakazam; way back from Christmas of '98.

Yeah, that destroys all your guys' reasons.
He asked if it was possible for a male human to have a sex with a female horse. He even drew a diagram; I think a stepladder was involved.
3 years ago#166
3 years ago#167
Thank God for TNA!
I change my signature whenever I want and it feels good, man.
3 years ago#168
cyndaquil, I just have to have him in every game I play, even if I have to hack him in.
i5-3250 GT640m 2GB DDR3 4GB HDD 500GB
3 years ago#169
Final Fantasy XIV - Larek Darkholme @ Masamune
3 years ago#170
I actually don't have one. I like a lot of Pokemon too much to pick just one favorite.
if i'm going to heaven, i'd already be there
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