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why does smogon say weavile is terrible?

#51GiftedACIIIPosted 4/27/2013 6:07:11 PM
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LOL and now this guy, who's literally attacking me like a rabid dog for criticizing Smogon, is trying to act like he's better than me because my account is older than his, and how that's supposed to say something about the rest of my life.

But since he wants to bring that up, let's look at how his account has 110 karma and has been around since December 24, 2012.

Ignoring karma loss, that means he's logged into this account 88.7% of the days since he first created it.

On the other hand I have 1846 karma, and my account was created on December 9, 2004.

Again if we ignore karma loss (and other bonuses that have occurred since then), this means I've logged into my account 60.3% of the days since I first created it.

Not only that, but this guy currently has 232 active posts (no doubt used to defend Smogon), while I have 52.

And this guy wants to imply I spend too much time on the internet. Talk about hypocrisy...

New accounts tend to use the site more smart one. Don't you know about fluctuations? All the sites I went to since 2008 I don't go on now even my partnered youtube account.

Just stop man. You already made yourself look terrible by trying to talk about usage here.

Haha, terrible... to you? LOL Joke poster. I'm not the one that acted as if most Pokemon fan's lives are below mine in the first place. Continue your hypocrisy kid.

Nice, now he calls me a "kid."

Definitely a well-adjusted, intelligent, hipster-hating adult male.

Who are you trying to talk to lol? You've already revealed yourself as a joke, all you're doing is deluding and talking to yourself now. Your strawman attempts have failed. GG kid. I'm also sensing some bad butthurt in you.