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If any of the new types are actually real, I feel like a lot of people here

#11BottledPoePosted 4/24/2013 5:43:12 PM
I don't care. I'll embrace a fairy type. The series is due for a little bit of an overhaul in some way.
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#12BlazingRainPosted 4/24/2013 6:11:27 PM
grape_purple posted...
It's really hard to come up with a new type. If someone mentions a new type, most of the time it fits a type that already exists.

Light is just the electric type really.

No it's not.

A few moves could have their type changed, but light and electricity aren't the same thing.
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#13jayman7Posted 4/24/2013 6:20:04 PM
BlazingRain posted...
Light is a type of radiation, so it's actually more specific.

And Ice is a phase of Water, but they carry different connotations to people.
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#14Emerald_MeliosPosted 4/24/2013 7:28:12 PM
grape_purple posted...
would make topics about how pokemon is ruined for them.

I just want to remind them to speak not ill of the Fair Folk.
#15koopabros64Posted 4/24/2013 7:31:29 PM
One of the type ideas I like is sound. There's already some basis for it.
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#16Master XPosted 4/25/2013 7:03:56 PM
^What about to go with Porygon? DIGITAL What if one of them (a digital species) you could alter the design of with the 3DS touchscreen? I can see a Voltorb style Digital Pokemon but with various "smiley" faces that change in circumstances depending on move used/status.
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#17RetroFanGirlPosted 4/25/2013 7:24:15 PM
Types really don't matter to me as far as appeal goes.