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Coolest Dragon Type? *PART 2* Dragonite vs. Salamence

#1ThePokeMan98Posted 4/27/2013 6:12:00 AM
Which of these 2 badass pokemon do you think has the best design/overall appearance? - Results (62 votes)
38.71% (24 votes)
61.29% (38 votes)
This poll is now closed.
NOTE : First off, I'd like to say that this is a poll series of topic that have been made in response to many topics being posted on these boards over which dragon has the coolest design. These are NOT by any means going to get accurate results, and I understand that.

Anyways, this is going to be a close call, as both of these pokemon are equally devastating in competitive battling and have cool designs as well. I personally like salamence's design better, maybe because it looks like the "classic" dragon seen in European folklore and myths.

Previous Winners:
Flygon - 65.91% (29 votes)
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#2ColtCababaPosted 4/27/2013 6:12:34 AM
I'll vote for whichever one is losing.
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#3CakeOfLiesPosted 4/27/2013 6:30:54 AM
Salamence is cooler, but I like Dragonite more.
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#4SteveBobPosted 4/27/2013 7:04:15 AM
This shouldn't even be close. Dragonite obviously.
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#5WygunPosted 4/27/2013 7:14:19 AM
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#6AnclationPosted 4/27/2013 7:25:28 AM
Salamence by far, Dragonite is a disgrace to dragons everywhere.
#7keybladesrusPosted 4/27/2013 8:57:18 AM
I like Dragonite in battle, but its design is too derpy. Salamence has the better design by far.
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#8Xavier_On_HighPosted 4/27/2013 9:01:47 AM
Dragonite's design is better, but Salamence's is cooler.

This poll is really asking two different questions.