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Odd Question

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User Info: yoh338

3 years ago#1
How many pokemon would it take to have EVERY move learned with no duplicate moves on the pokemon? Would this even be possible? And no duplicate pokemon either.
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User Info: peteyboo

3 years ago#2
There is no Pokémon with more than 4 moves that no other Pokémon can learn, so in theory, yes it's possible.
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User Info: TwiceNightley

3 years ago#4
That would be tricky, especially considering legendaries with signatures like V-Create, Spacial Rend or Roar of Time without duplicating moves. You'd have to have some pokes with empty move slots I think (like 2 moves instead of four, etc.)
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User Info: ManchineelTree

3 years ago#5
I want to say 140, since there's 559 total moves. It's very likely that this is attainable with just the bare minimum pokemon necessary.
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User Info: Pinxed

3 years ago#6
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