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ITT: we predict the tiers of the final starter evolutions.

#21thisguy12Posted 4/29/2013 2:25:16 PM
Mudkip43 posted...
Fennekin OU(predicting fire/psychic sweeper)
Froakie OU(predicting bulky water/fighting)
Chespin RU(average Grass/Steel)

Fennekin: RU
Froakie: UU
Chespin: OU

Fennekin with have that stealth rock weakess.
Plus Victini who will definitely have better BST with V-create and Bolt Strike is still UU.

If Froakie is water/fight, he'll probably be UU due to the many useful resistances.
There are a plethora of fighting types that Froakie will have to compete with though.

If Chespin is grass/steel, he'll definitely not be "average." That's a great offensive typing that only Ferrothorn possesses.
Ferrothorn is OU with its poor 20 speed. If Chespin has an above 80 speed, oh boy...