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Why did game freak feel the need

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User Info: LightningAce11

4 years ago#1
To make people wait for certain events in games? Like the safari zone you had to wait x number of days to get a certain pokemon, and if you change your clock it doesn't work. Why did they even add some thing like that? It's stupid. And they don't even let you take a shortcut.
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User Info: Zarren364

4 years ago#2
Because it extended the longevity of the games! :D
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User Info: BottledPoe

4 years ago#3
I haaaaaaated the Safari Zone like that. I just want the old one back. It was simple, and enough of a challenge already.
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User Info: FuneralCake

4 years ago#4
It gives people an incentive to keep playing the game for hundreds of days instead of just a week or two.

It's a bad idea, but Game Freak.

User Info: NeonDragon9000

4 years ago#5
Troll Freak
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User Info: Rad_Dudesman

4 years ago#6
Fake longevity.

User Info: PK_Gaming

4 years ago#7
Everything that bores me has gotta go!

User Info: SilverSock

4 years ago#8
Yeah that part of the safari zone was pretty stupid. Customization could've been a good thing, but the whole object concept was just horribly applied...IMO at least.
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User Info: SideShowBatt

4 years ago#9
Oh the wonders of breeding and trading. If I want a certain Pokemon from the Safari Zone I just grab a previous game breed the Pokemon and trade it over.
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