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Why does pokedex pro look smoother and better?

#1DarkOceanNightsPosted 4/29/2013 1:57:17 AM
You would think an actual game in the franchise would look better graphically.
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#2jimrichardsPosted 4/29/2013 2:16:40 AM
Different artstyles.
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#3Arne83Posted 4/29/2013 2:20:33 AM
I don't think it does. I think what we've seen so far looks just as good as what's in Pokedex 3D pro. It just looks different because... well...

jimrichards posted...
Different artstyles.

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#4LexifoxPosted 4/29/2013 2:23:02 AM
Different art styles, less animation occurring, the game is still a work in progress, etc.
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#5PincheCriaPosted 4/29/2013 4:13:21 AM
It's understandable considering the amount of content they need room for. At least they look better than those god awful moving pixels in gen 5 and worse they made the camera zoom in on your Pokemon so then it just looked like a mess.