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Best Pokemon that starts with the letter... - Day 18

#51GunnerXIIPosted 5/1/2013 9:31:47 PM
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#53IceDragon77(Topic Creator)Posted 5/2/2013 9:53:08 AM
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#54Thepenguinking2Posted 5/2/2013 9:56:37 AM
Reshiram is the one that appears in my head for this sub.
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#55SuperRup91Posted 5/2/2013 12:23:27 PM
Rhydon! The original pokemon!
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#58MajorHoppyPosted 5/2/2013 1:40:15 PM
The best Pokemon whose name begins with a R would have to be Reshiram. I really like the way you catch Reshiram in Black version too.
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Raikou posted...
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