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Tips on besting the world leaders in PWT?

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3 years ago#1
I really want to unlock the champions tournament. However, I do not want to go through EV training, perfect nature breeding, and stuff like that.

Is it possible to succeed without doing methods like that? Or is it inevitable?

I've been doing rental battle over and over so getting enough BP for items isn't a big deal. What are some good pokemon to use along with movesets?

Also, if I enter a Pokemon that's below lv. 50 in the tournament, will its stats get scaled up?
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3 years ago#2
I have only won once with a not-EV trained team out of a ton of attempts for World Leaders. After I payed attention to natures and EVs, I was able to unlock the Champions tournament. EV training helps a bunch, because your opponents certainly have not slacked in that area, and they continue to boost their already heightened stats with Life Orbs and Choice items.

I'm not really a competitive battler, so I can't really give tips on which Pokemon to use. But I'll give you a few hints about the opponents.

-The game likes to "randomly" pick opponents that have the most amount of strengths against you, so make sure that your Pokemon can cover each other's weaknesses.

-In Triple Battles, the opponents like to use their super effective moves against your team, and will (often) stop at nothing to destroy a Pokemon that's weak to them. I like to use an Unfezant will Substitute, Detect, and Roost to distract some opponents while the rest of my team sets up or attacks.

-In Triple Battles, make sure you have a Wide Guard user. Pryce likes to spam Blizzard with all three of his Pokemon, and for some reason, they never seem to miss...

-In Rotation Battles, the opponents tend to switch to the Pokemon that's in the best shape. If you use Thunder Wave on two Pokemon, chances are the opponent will switch to the third Pokemon, so you can outsmart them and use a super effective move.

That's all I can think of for now. But I really suggest nature hunting and EV training (IV hunting isn't really necessary for PWT). They're really easy in the gen V!

Nature: Go to Castelia City (the grassy area past the sewer) with a level 19 Pokemon. Set the level 19 Pokemon to the front of your team and throw on a repel. Run around in the dark grass and you will only find Eevees. Catch a whole bunch of them (take note that it can take a few repels just to catch one...) and try to aim for one of each nature (or at least the most important ones like Adamant, Modest, etc.). Use the Join Avenue to max an Eevee's happiness (leveling up the Cafe and Beauty Salon a lot will help) then give it a Rare Candy to evolve it into Espeon/Umbreon. They will have Synchronize, so finding a Pokemon you want with the right nature will be significantly easier!

EVs: Since you said you have a lot of BP, buying the Power items won't be so bad. IIRC, you get three of them from in-game. Then a combination of the Dojo, Cafe, Power item, and Pokerus (ask someone to trade with you to get an infected Pokemon) will net you a fully EV trained Pokemon in less than half an hour!

The process sounds tedious, but it's really worth it. I hope some of this info helps! =)
3 years ago#3
I just used a rain team, but I did have to do some breeding and EV training.
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3 years ago#4
If you can get your hands on Pokerus, EV training becomes nothing. Less than nothing. We're talking like, half an hour.
That's assuming you buy the Power items (Power Anklet, Power Lens, etc.), but you said BP isn't a problem.

Pokerus is rare, but I'm sure someone on the Black/White Trade Boards could help you out.
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3 years ago#5
Oh, my MVP in the PWT was a modest Hydreigon with max special attack and speed EVs. I'm not sure what the IVs are.

His moveset was Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower, Dark Pulse, and Focus Blast (Fire Blast might be better, but I prefer the accuracy). I know having all attacking moves can be bad, but it really helped me out. I also didn't have any Choice items or a Life Orb, so I just gave him a Shell Bell >.> It was enough to get by haha
3 years ago#6
Appreciate all the advice. Considering setting up a rain dance team, yay or nay? Obviously it would fail against electric or grass opponents, but might not be too hard. Correct me if I am wrong though.

Also planning on doing single battle unless rain teams work better in double or triple.

Also, any suggestions for pokes? Thinking of using something super fast to set up dance like Electrode, then Omastar so far.
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