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The best official name 68: Zangoose

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3 years ago#1
Vote which nation gave this Pokemon the best name - Results (86 votes)
America- Zangoose
30.23% (26 votes)
Japan- Zanguusu
10.47% (9 votes)
France- Mangriff
46.51% (40 votes)
Germany- Sengo
12.79% (11 votes)
This poll is now closed.
America- 29
Japan- 7
France- 14
Germany- 17

Previous winners:

Krookodile (Krookodile)
Haxorus (Haxorus)
Salamence (Salamence)
Tyranitar (Tyranitar)
Exploud (Exploud)
Flareon (Flareon)
Houndoom (Houndoom)
Venusaur (Venusaur)
Froslass (Froslass)
Blaziken (Blaziken)
Dragonite (Dragonite)
Garchomp (Garchomp)
Sceptile (Sceptile)
Hydreigon (Hydreigon)
Marowak (Marowak)
Articuno (Articuno)
Flygon (Flygon)
Wobbuffet (Wobbuffet)
Serperior (Serperior)
Gallade (Gallade)
Delibird (Delibird)
Espeon (Espeon)
Vaporeon (Vaporeon)
Glaceon (Glaceon)
Jolteon (Jolteon)
Sylveon (Sylveon)
Charizard (Charizard)
Scizor (Scizor)
Excadrill (Excadrill)

Eteboss (Ambipom)
Goukuzaru (Infernape)
Raibolt (Manectric)
Datengu (Shiftry)
Bossgodora (Aggron)
Blacky (Umbreon)
Spear (Beedrill)

Ohmassacre (Eelektross)
Roucarnage (Pidgeot)
Darumacho (Darmanitan)
Brutapode (Scolipede)
Hippopodocus (Hippowdon)
Papilusion (Butterfree)
Corboss (Honchkrow)
Noarfang (Noctowl)
Drascore (Drapion)
Tartard (Poliwrath)
Smogogo (Weezing)
Tortank (Blastoise)
Colossinge (Primeape)
Rhinolove (Swoobat)

Rihornior (Rhyperior)
Megalon (Beheeyem)
Morlord (Quagsire)
Quaxo (Politoed)
Schwalboss (Swellow)
Relaxo (Snorlax)
Icognito (Unown)
Farbeagle (Smeargle)
Skaraborn (Heracross)
Impergator (Feraligatr)
Meditalis (Medicham)
Lavados (Moltres)
Ninjatom (Shedinja)
Brockoloss (Gigalith)
Vegichita (Simisage)
Fynx (Fennekin)
Bissbark (Stoutland)
3 years ago#2
wheres the funny or bad ass name?

i vote sengo. it rolls off the tongue
KINGLER for president.
3 years ago#3
All of them.
everything about zangoose is awesome.
F*** Milotic. Lilligant is the real beauty pokemon.
The Official Shiny Zangoose of the X/y Board!
3 years ago#4
France and Germany always pull through with the funny names
Ah, yes, the Negotiator: General Kenobi
<sneaky beeping>
3 years ago#5
Mangriff the crime mongoose.
3 years ago#6
3 years ago#7
Thepenguinking2 posted...
All of them.
everything about zangoose is awesome.
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..You monster
3 years ago#8
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