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Do you have a signature pokemon?

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3 years ago#11
In just about all of my playthroughs besides platinum, I had a charizard.
I get a zangoose when I can.
F*** Milotic. Lilligant is the real beauty pokemon.
The Official Shiny Zangoose of the X/y Board!
3 years ago#12
"The difference between fiction and reality is that fiction has to make sense." -Tom Clancy
3 years ago#13
Probably the closest thing I have to a signature Pokemon is Cinccino, and I don't even use it that much.
never back down, follow or blindly obey
3 years ago#14
*looks at username*

For a long time i was as much a fanatic for Aggron as many are for Char____.
Finally i realized he was just meh, and moved on to Lucario. Like him SO much better. always try to have one on my team.
3 years ago#15
I always like keeping Weavile for dem pesky dragons. Her name is always Joyeuse
R - Official Matador of the Shin Megami Tensei IV board - Official Stahl of the FE: Awakening board
3 years ago#16
depends on the Gen
Gen 1 was Blastoise
Gen 3 was Blastoise
Gen 4 was.....
My current is my Riolu
PSN: RussRock7283 (my pokecademy)
3 years ago#17
*points to sig*
Official Crawdaunt of the Pokemon XY Boards and Enforcer of WF
"Come at me, Chupacabras!" -Pat (Two Best Friends Play)
3 years ago#18
3 years ago#19
3 years ago#20
Smeargle, always at least one. It almost always dies, but the second you don't take it seriously your whole team is boned.
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