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Do you have a signature pokemon?

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3 years ago#71
Serperior. I just love that Pokemon.
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3 years ago#72
I think maybe Vaporeon... I dunno. Shedinja's been pretty consistent for a time, and Zoroark is up there now too, Umbreon used to be big, but Vaporeon is more common in total time.
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3 years ago#73
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3 years ago#74
Crobat for me.
3 years ago#75
Dewgong. Most sugoi pokemon ever.
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3 years ago#76
My number one signature Pokemon (though Luxray starting to come close) is Gallade.
Them arm blades.
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3 years ago#77
Houndoom and Lanturn. Houndoom looks like my first dog and Lanturn is just the most amazing water pokemon. I cannot go wrong with that thing. It looks awesome, it has massive HP combined with absorb skills and Aqua Ring, only two weaknesses and with Thunderbolt, Surf and Ice beam it just kills the crap out of a lot of types.
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3 years ago#78
Always have been Blaziken. I loved him since his conception, way before B/W gave him a buff, and even when people in the competitive field would tell me to replace him with someone else.

He has Never let me down and has always helped me win most of my battles. My second-runner is Electivire. Never cared much for elekid and electabuzz but once Electivire came out I loved the line.
3 years ago#79
Almost always have vaporeon as my water type with ice beam and surf, beats everything easily in game
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3 years ago#80
No but my team always tends to follow this format:

- Starter
- Early game bird
- Pokemon that can use surf

then the other 3 vary. though its very rare that I do a playthrough without using Kadabra or Alakazam if I can trade for it.
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