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Think of a move and add "in my pants" afterwards.

#41xpiritflarePosted 5/2/2013 7:12:05 PM
SilverSock posted...
Explosion in my pants

Haha I was going to say the same thing
It reminds me of the movie Anger Management when Adam Sandler's character is saying that one line xD
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#42wind64aPosted 5/2/2013 7:17:00 PM
Spike Cannon in my pants.

Well it could mean a number of things. I do have pockets after all
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#43SMASHKING84Posted 5/2/2013 7:18:23 PM
sing in my pants.
--- thanks supershadow for this
#44HeyWheresKelPosted 5/2/2013 7:19:07 PM
Accupressure in my pants.

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#45CakeOfLiesPosted 5/2/2013 7:19:18 PM
Searing Shot.

Okay... THAT'S disgusting. xD
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#46Yazoo111Posted 5/2/2013 7:22:09 PM
Encore in my pants
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#47SMASHKING84Posted 5/2/2013 7:23:57 PM
Cut in my pants
--- thanks supershadow for this
#48Grand_BluePosted 5/2/2013 7:38:58 PM
Metronome in my pants

Frenzy Plant in my pants

Thief in my pants

Luster Purge in my pants

Tackle in my pants

All awkward options.
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#49SMASHKING84Posted 5/2/2013 7:43:05 PM
pain split in my pants
dive in my pants
TM87 in my pants
--- thanks supershadow for this
#50TherianReturnsPosted 5/2/2013 7:46:56 PM

Anyone who gets this reference is awesome.
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