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Think of your favorite pokemon before entering this topic.

#11NekoHime64Posted 5/2/2013 8:54:13 PM
NinjaKitsune posted...
Time thinking of Ninetales is never wasted.

*thinking of shiny ninetales*

Your sig is awesome btw.
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#12Thepenguinking2(Topic Creator)Posted 5/2/2013 10:01:56 PM
Wasting time thinking of zangoose is like wasting time saving the world.
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#13The_Sol_BladerPosted 5/2/2013 10:04:24 PM
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#14tooweakPosted 5/2/2013 10:35:59 PM
Was listening to some PMD music beofre entering the board.
Thus was already thinking of partner.
So, in addition to the time thinking of *insert Poekmon name here* is never wasted replies...

I didn't even need spend any time to decide whom to think about, as I was already thinking about the Pokemon in question.
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#15jobacohuePosted 5/2/2013 10:51:30 PM
teehee_201 posted...
I was thinking about Arcanine and just wasted my time thinking about Arcanine and clicking on the title.

Sounds fair.

OMG! LOL! so did i lol we should besties lol! <3 :)
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#16Rose_MagePosted 5/3/2013 12:45:14 AM
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#17War_Flame28Posted 5/3/2013 1:31:48 AM
I wasted time trying to figure out a way around thinking of my favorite pokemon, as I figured this would say something like ".. it is now deleted from existence!" I realized I couldn't do that without lying, which does no good, because I'd still be thinking of it. Fortunately for me, this topic.. Well yeah.

Oh, and then I wasted time typing this.