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Shiny Gengar promo leads to shady Gamestop allegations, what about you? (Poll)
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msbeth6210/19 5:34PM
friend safari with eeveeJasmineD16110/19 5:06PM
VGC15 Autumn Regional Tournaments Week 3 - Oct 19 [CA,IN] [Stream]
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Team Rocket Elite (M)3110/19 4:59PM
Odds of perfect IV= odds of 0 IV?BlitzBallerJG710/19 4:58PM
What game does this?
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Mannybiglips1210/19 4:53PM
I got a shiny Latios and a shiny Manetric about 6 trades apart on wonder trade..pikachupwnage810/19 4:48PM
Is it true GameStop is already giving out Shiny Gengar codes?
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NOM3410/19 4:37PM
Will there be move tutors in OR/AS?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Neko_Means_Cat1310/19 4:34PM
Worth keeping this?Legenday_Chaser610/19 4:19PM
You go to a costume party and the following Pokemon...SlappyDog1010/19 4:10PM
Need help deciding on pokemon for my team!ChasingMews510/19 4:09PM
just bought 3ds and used copy of this tofay how do i make my own save?The_Pope_Mobile410/19 3:44PM
team?ChampBlade891110/19 3:36PM
Gamestop is terrible. Can I report a store to Nintendo?
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Render95510/19 3:21PM
Finally Bred my first Flawless Pokemon :3jspamams410/19 3:18PM
What kind of animal is Chespin?
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xxgamer91xx4610/19 3:18PM
Team advice (mono tournament)atrombatore410/19 3:06PM
Will Mega Sceptile be Viable in OU?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Darkfire24311910/19 2:54PM
I need help with a competitive teamChassassin510/19 2:40PM
Are there consequences to evolving Pokemon at lv. 1?Tacanacy510/19 2:25PM