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Now that some time has passed, which starter are you now most interested in?

#61SetDarkAngelPosted 5/3/2013 12:54:27 PM
EJW posted...
Chespin in the past
Chespin now
Chespin in the future

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#62ScepterOfLovePosted 5/3/2013 1:38:33 PM
Started liking Froakie the most and now I like Chespin. It all depends on evolutions and secondary typings though
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#63westontickleePosted 5/3/2013 2:11:44 PM
ColtCababa posted...
westonticklee posted...
Fennekin being one of the 2 good pokemon of gen 6. Any pokemon that isn't Fennekin or Sylveon suck

You are now my least favorite user ever.

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ColtCababa posted...
The Fennekin haters.

That's that s*** I don't like!

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#64CharizardFirePosted 5/3/2013 2:18:04 PM
It's still Fennekin.