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I'm tired of this old formula

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User Info: Rose_Mage

3 years ago#31
Hodou posted...
westonticklee posted...
Hodou posted...
Kasada posted...
If for whatever reason Nintendo heard my wishes, Pokemon would look something like this:

See this? See how fast paced these battles are? See how I can actually use half of my team in a fight so I can mess around with team mechanics instead of playing rock paper scissors? Hear this rockin' music? THIS is what I want!

I'm sure I'll get some kind of response like "Then play that. Pokemon is a completely different series and it has traditions." The problem is that I actually like the pokemon universe. I like the pokemon designs, I like the mechanics, I just can't stand the static, slow battle system and the grind fest gameplay. I want to be able to win fights through planning and strategy that isn't as simple as having a fast pokemon with a super effective type move at a decent level. Heck, for me to feel like I'm playing intelligently nowadays in pokemon, I have to be playing a whole Baton Pass team, and that's barely viable.

I just want some new life in this series so I can enjoy it again. I don't expect it to change anytime soon, but I can dream.

--tries to point out how Pokemon should take cues from SMT
--uses one of the worst games in the series to prove his point

slow clap

Troll post. Nothing to see here

Oh yeah, because Nocturne, possibly the most grind-heavy and luck based game in the series, is TOTALLY better than SMT2, Devil Survivor, all four Personas, etc. etc...

It is. :3
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