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Fix an Ability for Gen VI

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3 years ago#1
Some abilities are useless in battle. Suggest ways to fix them in this topic.

Anticipation: Activates when the opponent switches in as well

Big Pecks: Increases defense by 50% as well

Cursed Body: The chance of disabling the move is proportional to the amount of damage it would do to the pokemon (so if a pokemon is OHKO'd, it has a 30% chance of disabling)

Cute Charm: 100% chance of attraction immediately on switching in.

Forewarn: Activates when the opponent switches in as well

Flare Boost: Increases special attack by 1 stage per turn after being burned.

Flower Gift: As well as the boosts, if the pokemon uses Sunny Day, it's induced permanently.

Friend Guard: In affition, If the pokemon switches out, the pokemon that switches in takes 50% less damage that turn and is immune to entry hazards.

Healer: In addition, if the pokemon is fainted, the pokemon that switches in afterwards is healed from status.

Heavy Metal: If the pokemon uses a contact move, and it misses, the Pokemon immediately uses Earthquake. Adds all effects of the Iron Ball except the speed drop.

Hyper Cutter: Cutting Moves and moves that use claws (like Cut, X Scissor, Slash, Crabhammer) are 30% stronger

Illuminate: Ghost type and Dark type attacks do half damage for every illuminate Pokemon on the field.

Immunity: The pokemon can be poisoned; it just doesn't do damage.

Infiltrator: Hits through protect (but not detect)

Keen Eye: The pokemon's also unaffected by opponents evasion boosts

Light Metal: In Tailwind, always goes first (ie moves have priority +1).

Magma Armor: Also raises both defenses by 1 stage when hit by a fire type attack

Moody: Doesn't include accuracy and evasion any more

Minus: Electric type moves also have an additional 30% paralysis chance

Oblivious: Also makes the pokemon immune to Intimidate, Taunt, Torment, Encore, Swagger, Leer, Glare, Scary Face etc. (anything that affects the pokemon because of something they see)

Plus: Electric Type Moves also have an additional 30% chance of raising special attack

Poison Touch: Contact moves that already poison will now badly poison

Run Away: The wielder can always switch out, even when trapped

Slow Start: The pokemon's attack and speed start off at 50%, and increase by 10% every turn until they're at 100%

Teravolt: Ground type pokemon only resist Electric type moves (instead of being immune). Electric Type moves do double damage when resisted.

Telepathy: When the Pokemon switches in, it keeps the status boosts of the pokemon that just switched out if they weren't KOd (automatic BP receiver)

Toxic Boost: Increases attack by 1 stage a turn when poisoned

Turboblaze: Fire type moves do double damage when resisted.

Unburden: It's an ordinary speed boost that can be BP'd

Unnerve: Nullifies all of the opponents held items (except Griseous Orb, Plates on Arceus and Drives on Genesect)

Water Veil: Works on allies as well

White Smoke: Also works for self applied status drops

Bad Abilities that are left alone:
Honey Gather (all pokemon that get it are NFEs, and no battle ability would make sense)
Stall, Truant and Defeatist (deliberately bad for a reason, and don't need buffing unlike Slow Start)
3 years ago#2
Illuminate: Decreases all opponents' accuracy when the pokemon is sent into battle.

Infiltrator: Also hits through Protect and Substitute, as well as ignoring any defense/special defence boosts.
3 years ago#3
Most of these are pretty good but

-Cute Charm seems hella annoying (especially on something like Milotic)
-Did you just nerf Cursed Body?
-Illuminate: Sounds annoying
-Keen Eye should just give you an accuracy boost
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3 years ago#4
I'd consider my Cursed Body change a buff, since if it's not really being hurt by an attack, it's probably not going to be worth disabling. It's the only one in there that's not fixing a bad ability though.

I don't want Keen Eye to be the same as Compoundeyes, and ignoring evasion boosts will be handy in game.
3 years ago#5
KillerMechanoid posted...
Illuminate: Decreases all opponents' accuracy when the pokemon is sent into battle.

Infiltrator: Also hits through Protect and Substitute, as well as ignoring any defense/special defence boosts.

I like hitting through substitute, but not the defense boosts thing.

The illuminate is basically a free evade boost, which is annoying as hell.
3 years ago#6
Immunity:Completely blocks poison-type attacks.
Truant: Heals the pokemon by 1% of its health while loafing.
Defeatist:The opponent(s) feel bad, and their attack falls.
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3 years ago#7
I'll do the Starter hidden abilities

Solar Power: Boosts Sp. Atk by 50%.

Contrary: Now only reverses the first stat lowered. So if Contrary Serperior uses Leaf Storm, it gets one boost and one drop.

Speed Boost: Now only boosts speed every other turn.

Damp: 30% chance of changing the opponent to a water type when hit by a contact move

Shell Armor: Boosts defense by 20% when struck by a contact move.
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3 years ago#8
Pigeon boobs - Cool, but the utilizing pokemon pool is lacking

Maybe if gen 6 introduced a Pidgeot with better stats distribution to give it a playtime

Heavy Metal - Did not make sense.

Turboblaze - lolwut
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3 years ago#9
DemiseEnd posted...

Heavy Metal - Did not make sense.

If the pokemon's attack misses and it hits the ground/wall instead, it's so heavy that it causes an earthquake
3 years ago#10
Defeatist: Lowers Stats at 25% Health instead of 50%. Health.
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