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Would you want a 3-tier, Bug/Dark type 6th Gen Spider-based pokemon line?

#1ChocolateluverxPosted 5/4/2013 5:40:09 PM
So, would you like to see a cool new Bug/Dark type 3-tier Spider pokemon line for the 6th gen? - Results (34 votes)
Yes, it would be excellant to have a mixed Dark type pokemon that could evolve twice!
58.82% (20 votes)
Wouldn't particularly matter much to me either way.
29.41% (10 votes)
No, Joltik and Galvantula satisfied all my recent arachnid-based pokemon cravings.
11.76% (4 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Personally I would LOVE to have a cool Bug/Dark type and would also enjoy seeing a spider-based pokemon line with very competitive stats.
Also simply to have a Dark type pokemon line that can evolve not once but twice total!

(I am still waiting for my pure Dark, 3-tier pokemon line Gamefreak! If only Zoroark had another evolution...)
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#2Wynters387Posted 5/4/2013 5:41:38 PM
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#3Chocolateluverx(Topic Creator)Posted 5/4/2013 5:44:37 PM
Wynters387 posted...

Why would you want to defile such a sleek pokemon line by basing it on a cockroach!?
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#4TacoOfTheOperaPosted 5/4/2013 6:06:15 PM
I want a dar/bug locust
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#5pokemonfreak97Posted 5/4/2013 6:07:17 PM
Pokémon #666: Beelzebug!

(And I know that will never happen, it would just be awesome.)
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#6Sid_StarkillerPosted 5/4/2013 8:51:38 PM
I'm not against it, but I have no particular interest in it.
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#7KillerMechanoidPosted 5/4/2013 9:10:01 PM
I'd love this, except that I prefer Bug/Dark to be a female Mosquito over a Spider, though.
#8HomeRowedPosted 5/4/2013 9:11:02 PM
I'd hit it.

With a newspaper.

Except that nobody reads newspapers anymore.

But yeah, sure, that could be a cool Pokemon.
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#9DaisyfanboyPosted 5/4/2013 9:15:37 PM
KillerMechanoid posted...
I'd love this, except that I prefer Bug/Dark to be a female Mosquito over a Spider, though.

So I'm still waiting for Daisy to reappear in something that's not a spinoff.
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