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Who do you think is the most overrated starter(That isn't Charizard)?

#1Hierarchy225Posted 5/5/2013 7:16:32 AM
For me? Swampert.
#2Fernox213Posted 5/5/2013 7:18:14 AM
Typhlosion, it the opposite of flareon. (High SAtk Bad Special movepool)
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#3kwando1313Posted 5/5/2013 7:22:11 AM
Mugiloko posted...
kwando is 100% right
#4themagicpainmanPosted 5/5/2013 7:27:01 AM

It got second place in the "Favorite Pokemon" poll >_> It's not THAT great.
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#5tooweakPosted 5/5/2013 7:27:15 AM
Pikachu or Mudkips/Swampert or "Smugleaf"?

Pikachu was my Partner in PMD. So Pikachu can never be overrated.
Smugleaf phase has mostly passed.

So Mudkips/Swampert it is.
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#6MetaFalconPunchPosted 5/5/2013 7:32:33 AM
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#7VegantoKeensPosted 5/5/2013 7:50:15 AM(edited)
Well this is easily Pikachu, always, even over Charizard. Name me one pokemon that gets shoved in your face more in almost everything pokemon related. And it's crap. It's just some stupid prevo of a sub par pokemon and it has 4 clones and an uncalled for baby prevo.
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#8Strain42Posted 5/5/2013 8:40:16 AM
If by overrated you just mean popular, as in, the one I hear a lot of fans gush on about, I have to give it to Empoleon.

A lot of fans I know love Empoleon.
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#9Thepenguinking2Posted 5/5/2013 8:41:14 AM
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#10PolimarioPosted 5/5/2013 8:44:47 AM
Makuta Polimarix.