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Have there been times when you've lost interest in Pokemon?

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User Info: Strain42

3 years ago#31
Pokemon is like a seasonal illness for me. When I wanna play it, I gotta play it.

I usually do a bunch of stuff before new games come out. Right now I'm still working on making sure I've got my ideal teams in all my versions.

It's a long process, but it's fun. I'm hoping to be done before X/Y come out (not likely since I haven't even started FR/LG yet)
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User Info: kirbydude385

3 years ago#32
dadkwashere posted...
kirbydude385 posted...
a slight dip in interest after FRLG, spiked up again for DP, then went back down again until HGSS and has remained steady since

Lol make a line graph out of that.
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User Info: NumberXI

3 years ago#33
After Gold and Silver (nothing against it at all). I just stopped caring. Then after catching glimpses of a couple of episodes and watching my friend play Ruby in 2004-5 my curiosity got the best of me and I haven't turned my back on it since. Went on to buy a GBA and soon after a DS just for Pokémon

User Info: ArmandoXIIIl

3 years ago#34
Gen 5's announcement. I bought Black anyway, and had fun with it.

About the time that XY was announced, I wanted to get back into it. Then I learned about EVs, IVs, natures, good movesets and all that jazz, and I saw that Pokemon was actually serious business, and really interesting to play
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User Info: tyronelad

3 years ago#35
Diamond and Pearl killed it for me. Heartgold rekindled it.
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3 years ago#36
As soon as a I beat a main game for the second time, I put the game down and don't touch it for years.

So basically I take at least a year to three year max break from pokemon after every main release.

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User Info: P0k3m0nWaRR10R8

3 years ago#37
The time between DP and Pt when all of my friends stopped playing and it suddenly became "uncool" to like Pokemon
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User Info: DarkImpact2021

3 years ago#38
Honestly, I lost interest after Gold/Silver/Crystal. I feel like the new generations have lacked imagination. I also didn't like a lot of the changes they made between Gold/Silver and Ruby/Sapphire. They removed things like the day/night system and phone numbers from trainers wanting rematches. I also dislike how the storyline never seems to change. Obviously I don't expect much from the whole "train pokemon to beat gym leaders and the final 4" thing, but the bits with Team [insert name] gets repetitive and they should try to do something new.

I never could bring myself to beat R/S and B/W 1 and 2. I still play G/S and FR/LG regularly and I'm looking forward to seeing the updates and changes with X/Y. I'm still not fond of the new generations of Pokemon and don't think I ever will like any after the 1st and 2nd gen, but that's why I always have the option to transfer from past games and just use those two gens :D

User Info: Melkac

3 years ago#39
Hmm...after replaying Black/White for the, uh, 2nd time I think. I thought Game Freak was going to re-release the game with a little snow in the hometown more pokémon and very few changes...AND THEN they would do a R/S/E remake. I replayed Black/White enough times and I consider the third gen to be the worst right now, so I decided to quit for the next 2-4 years.

...Then they announced Black 2/White 2, I decided to give the R/S/E remake a little chance. THEN they announced X/Y.

Yup, I love this franchise more than ever.

User Info: Maximoom

3 years ago#40
When i discovered IVs i abandoned the franchise for a few years.
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