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What makes Mewtwo legendary?

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3 years ago#141
From: NekoHime64 | Posted: 5/6/2013 1:34:06 AM | #140

Besides, isn't NekoHime kind of a girly name for a guys alt?

You clearly haven't been to CE
3 years ago#142
Why do people keep feeding Mewtwo_soul?


He's been trolling often on the Pokémon boards.
3 years ago#143
Mewtwo is a legend because Gamefreak says so.
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3 years ago#144
This topic has been very educational.
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3 years ago#145
Mewtwo was a legend. He was the Pokemon everyone was talking about. Him and his legendary power.

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3 years ago#146
I always thought what made it legendary was the fact that it couldn't breed...
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3 years ago#147
Also, double post and all, but let's take a look at this:

a Legendary is not simply an individual Pokémon about which legends are written, but differs from regular Pokémon in key ways.

Put another way, what makes Mewtwo legendary ISN'T the fact that there's a legend behind him (because there isn't, at least not directly), but rather the fact that it's different from regular pokemon in several key ways: only one per game, exceptionally powerful, extremely difficult to capture, unable to reproduce through breeding (as I said above), and not part of an evolutionary chain.

All those traits make it legendary by definition of the industry term (a.k.a. "term of art") "legendary."
The above post was typed in front of a live studio audience.
3 years ago#148
Mewtwo is a clone of the legendary Pokemon Mew. Also, there is only one Mewtwo in the entire series.
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3 years ago#149
Better question: what makes Manaphy legendary? He can breed and there's more than one of them.
3 years ago#150
Legend3000 posted...
Ya know, if you really think about it, doesn't the fact that nobody talks or knows about mewtwo make him even more legendary than most? Think about it. A lot of people in the pokemon world know about Arceus and the trio and what not...but then there's the legend of how Cinibar islands laboratory blew up, the remnants of papers scattered about with the description of a pokemon made from mew, and then the sightings of an incredibly powerful and unknown pokemon who lives deep within the scary ass cave near cerulean city. To me, that sounds more legendary than most. There's definitely a legend about mewtwo, it's just that not every body has heard the legend. I'm sure there's people in the pokemon world who hasn't heard of the three musketeers or arceus, but it doesn't make them any less of a legend.

Thats what im thinking, about Cinnbar Island

They dont know of Mewtwo, but they know of something...

Think of the other legendaries as being like dragons and chimeras in our own world, and Mewtwo as being a scary urban legend
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