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This pokemon is the leader of the illuminati

#21Thepenguinking2Posted 5/6/2013 8:46:25 AM
whatever that team is, ponyta is in it.
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#22Stormvale12Posted 5/6/2013 8:57:03 AM
Golett. Meh.
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#23KeeperOfShadowsPosted 5/6/2013 9:27:08 AM
Forretress? Leader of the Illuminati?

Gill says no...
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#24pokemon2pokerPosted 5/6/2013 9:38:05 AM
I named a Sableye Illuminati.
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#25MegaWentEvilPosted 5/6/2013 7:07:16 PM
Yeah, Illuminati being an evil organization would make so much sense when Illuminati is Latin for enlightened.

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#26M4nnimalPosted 5/6/2013 7:08:50 PM
KeeperOfShadows posted...
Forretress? Leader of the Illuminati?

Gill says no...

Nice SF3 reference.

Gardevoir? That's...plausible?
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#27MetaDeDeDePosted 5/6/2013 7:12:50 PM
Benny Hinn's Murkrow

It said he could heal when all of his healing are fake to the point that those who were healed by him actually died.
#28lighting_deityPosted 5/6/2013 7:31:59 PM
Lexifox posted...
I tried the site and I didn't get an answer so there's no reason for the Illuminati to have me killed if it even existed which it doesn't at all!

Got to love lexicon