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What do you think is gonna be the thing that makes you get X over Y?

#310chocolachao0Posted 5/6/2013 2:23:28 PM
I'm getting Y because Y not?
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#32NejiHyuga900Posted 5/6/2013 2:24:55 PM
From: Fernox213 | Posted: 5/6/2013 3:36:35 PM | #006
X is a cooler name 'Nuff said.

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#33kirbydude385Posted 5/6/2013 2:27:15 PM
Blazekicker27 posted...
Version exclusives if they're known.

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#34tminus31Posted 5/6/2013 2:28:55 PM
My personal "Always Get The Second Game From A Pair" rule
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#35ArabianPenguinsPosted 5/6/2013 2:31:13 PM
Has it been confirmed that Xerneas would be exclusive to X and that Yveltal would be exclusive to Y? Or will it be in vice versa? Or, will they both be obtainable in each game?
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#36DarkGam3rPosted 5/6/2013 2:31:24 PM
NejiHyuga900 posted...
From: Fernox213 | Posted: 5/6/2013 3:36:35 PM | #006
X is a cooler name 'Nuff said.

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#37WinsagePosted 5/6/2013 2:33:07 PM
Getting Y first. Exclusives can be traded for easily enough.
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#38MetaFalconPunchPosted 5/6/2013 2:35:02 PM
Currently, Xerneas.

In the end? Whichever one my friend gets ^_^
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#39moneyman82Posted 5/6/2013 2:37:39 PM
X is a cooler letter. Yup, that is seriously all.
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#40HomeRowedPosted 5/6/2013 2:40:24 PM
I'm getting both games, but X will probably be my main, and Y will be the one I start over.

Usually what I do is I use the game I like the least as my main game, then use the game I like more to play whenever I want.
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