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What do you think is gonna be the thing that makes you get X over Y?

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User Info: djmaster1994

3 years ago#61

I got Silver - Sapphire - Diamond and White/White 2

Y is my choice. I choose second version more except for Diamond.
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User Info: PsychoWolfX

3 years ago#62
Kitschgardener posted...
From: Blazekicker27 | #007
Version exclusives if they're known.

This right here.

However, until learn what Pokemon are exclusive to which game, I'm going with Y. I just don't like that elk thing.

User Info: Kaizukezu

3 years ago#63
lanelazerbeam posted...
Blazekicker27 posted...
Version exclusives if they're known.

Definitely this. I do like Yveltal more than Xerneas, but ultimately if X has more exclusives that I would like to have, I would gladly forego buying Y to get some X exclusives.

However, if both games have some awesome exclusive Pokemon I'll probably just buy both and play each up to the points of getting the exclusives I want.

User Info: cd6666

3 years ago#64
in genetic, XX is a female and XY is a male. I prefer X .

User Info: HunterTrainer72

3 years ago#65
My girl and I both are two sides of the same coin... So I get Y she gets X, I got Heart Gold she got Soul Silver, I'm Kyogre she's Groudon. See? Everyone's happy :D
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User Info: Umuru

3 years ago#66
I always get the second version that's listed, so Y it is.

User Info: JiggsMaster

3 years ago#67
Who said I was getting either? >_>
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User Info: PKMNtrainernate

3 years ago#68
Well i will get x and my brother will get y because i called dibs on x

User Info: Estheimaster

3 years ago#69
X is my favorite letter, and I can name my character Xehanort...

But I will wait for version exclusive Pokemon to be announced. Who knows, maybe my favorite Gen VI Pokemon might be a Y exclusive.

What if they did such a good job keeping this game's info hidden that we didn't know about any of the differences until the game came out?
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User Info: Samp98518

3 years ago#70
Yveltal looks awesome. Xernas is kind of meh.
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