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What's your favorite of the 18 types?

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3 years ago#61
Grass, even though it would be much more aptly-named as "plant" or something.

Poison is rad too.
3 years ago#62
water pokemon, followed by ice pokemon, and then grass
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3 years ago#63
3 years ago#64
I've always liked Fire and Electric types just a bit more than the others. But lately, I've been using a lot of steel types in game...
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3 years ago#65
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3 years ago#66
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3 years ago#67
Sylveon's type.
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3 years ago#68
Steel =).
3 years ago#69
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3 years ago#70
My favorite type is probably Psychic. It was pretty over-powered in the early generations and is still a formidable force today.
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