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Out of the following, which combination do you think Xerneas's type will be

#11ColtCababaPosted 5/7/2013 4:46:55 AM
Empiror posted...
I'm going steel/psychic

mostly because it's got that kinda color scheme

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#12HeliotropePosted 5/7/2013 4:48:34 AM(edited)
water/grass or water/psychic.

And fire/dark for Yveltal.
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#13nightblade_hawkPosted 5/7/2013 5:51:55 AM
#14blackshoelacePosted 5/7/2013 6:31:34 AM
Xazeal posted...

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#15DemyxusPosted 5/7/2013 6:37:04 AM
Where is the Grass/Psychic option?
#16CakeOfLiesPosted 5/7/2013 6:39:14 AM
My guess is Grass/Psychic type.
Or NotANewType/NotANewType type...
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#17shagohad3Posted 5/7/2013 6:48:44 AM
I think it'll be a new type personally
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#18lanelazerbeamPosted 5/7/2013 7:00:40 AM
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#19SH076UNNER(Topic Creator)Posted 5/8/2013 1:01:37 AM
Looks like everyone so far is expecting a new type. I still stand strong for Steel/Psychic.
#20BountyanPosted 5/8/2013 1:02:46 AM
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