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What is the point of potions/ super potions...

#1MechaKirbyPosted 5/7/2013 6:56:36 AM
...when you can wait for the ultra cheap fresh water.

Doesn't make sense
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#2CakeOfLiesPosted 5/7/2013 7:04:46 AM
Or Lemonade. Those are even better (or they were in HG/SS).
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#3UmuruPosted 5/7/2013 7:04:57 AM
Just like in real life, people will try to sell you things that are the same or worse off in the long run for more money.
#4LexifoxPosted 5/7/2013 7:05:26 AM
Potions are more readily available in early locations. As you said, you have to wait for the drinks.
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