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How would you feel about a watermelon Pokemon?

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User Info: Gastroid

3 years ago#11
Only if it learns Explode.
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User Info: Roobitysu

3 years ago#12
It'd have perfect synergy with Whimsicott.
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User Info: Umuru

3 years ago#13
Brine + Bite/Crunch/Fang moves need to be a strong combo against it.

User Info: javel34

3 years ago#14

We need strawberry

Tropius+vanillixe+strwaberry Pokemon= greatest banana split ever.
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User Info: legendxofxsky

3 years ago#15
Dark Young Link posted...
Thankful it wasn't in Black/Black2

Kind of wished it was, considering it would have sold more to the minority side of things. Although i really don't care what game it in, it would be pretty boss to have fruit like pokemon, considering they eat apples all the time (anime wise).

User Info: Strain42

3 years ago#16
Depends on what it looks like.

I'm fine with any Pokemon concept so long as it looks okay.
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User Info: CrystalKing5426

3 years ago#17
gamingrat posted...

That's a painted Electrode.
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User Info: RTC3

3 years ago#18
HL should get one

he's my favorite enemy trainer
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User Info: Fernox213

3 years ago#19
Only if we get an annoying orange pokemon too.
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User Info: KillerMechanoid

3 years ago#20
Only if they make a Dancing Banana pokemon.
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